Two of the most popular terms that people search for when they’re looking for early education centers are “daycare near me” and “preschool near me.” This means that parents are obviously interested in finding a daycare center that’s close to their home. We honestly can’t blame them. After all, the less time spent in the car the better, right? We can understand if parents are looking for a preschool close by so that it’s more convenient for their family.

But are there ever times when driving a bit farther in Hacketstown is the right decision? If you find the perfect preschool or daycare center, then maybe it is! Here are some circumstances when you might make the sacrifice.

The Kid Prefers It

Let’s be honest, your kid’s opinion matters! No, they don’t get the final say on which early education center they will go to, but after you take a tour of one then they might just let you know exactly which one they feel best about. Alternatively, if a child is having trouble with a particular facility and you have to pick another one, the old “preschool near me” might not be the right choice.

You Must Feel More Comfortable

You’ll be the one making the final choice on which preschool center to send your child to, and the one nearest you might not feel quite right. We doubt you’d be able to put your finger on exactly what doesn’t appeal to you, but it’s just not what you’re looking for.

If the nearest preschool doesn’t make you feel at home — whether it’s the staff, facility, or neighborhood — then you should definitely consider a different one that might be a bit farther.

Maybe A Different One Is Better

What makes one preschool better than another? We can’t necessarily tell you that in a blog, because we don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. For some people, it’s the curriculum. For others, it’s the facility and the safety protocols in place. Some of the customers who come to A-2-Z Academy of Early Learning consider us the best because of our focus on STEM, music, and movement.

How do you decide which preschool or daycare will be better than another? Take tours, read reviews, and consider going a bit further to find one that will give your child the education they deserve.

Don’t Forget About the Entire Commute!

One problem of searching for “daycare near me” is that the search engine is only taking your current location into account. That means that it’s usually searching for ones that are near the parent’s house.

But that doesn’t consider the entire commute. Parents are often dropping their kid at daycare so that they can then head on to work, so it’s important to check the entire path from home to work.

Will You Be Driving Farther?

We hope not, but we’d like to think that A-2-Z Academy of Early Learning would be worth it. Find out more about the advantages of our early learning center right here!