At first, music and movement might seem extraneous at an early learning academy. But the fact is that music and dance are an integral part of the human experience…especially when it comes to the growing minds of children!

Music is so important to children. Not only is it fun for them, but musical instruments give them an immediate way to interact with the world and the children around them. Music is both language and mathematics, and it positively affects the brain in so many ways.

Movement is just as important. Whether it’s dance, mimicry, or tumbling, dance helps kids develop their proprioception and their ability to take instruction. On top of that, physical activity encourages mental learning, which is what every daycare center and preschool should be focused on!

We’re dedicated to music and movement as an important part of early learning education. Discover the magic of music with The Jam Cats every week at A-2-Z Academy. It’s so much more than just music!